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Monthly Archives: March 2015


How to Protect and Care for Your Child’s Teeth

Young children are not able to clean their own teeth so as a parent you have a big role to play. Even before teeth appear, you should be taking care of your child's oral health. Tooth decay is largely preventable when following a good oral health routine but it still one of the most common [...]

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The Low Down on Braces and Orthodontic Treatment for Parents

A referral or recommendation for orthodontic treatment from a family dentist can be a major concern for some parents, especially if they have no previous experience of their own in this area. Orthodontic treatment improves the look and overall health of teeth by correcting crooked and crowded teeth. This article will explain when orthodontic work [...]

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Advantages of Composite Fillings

The traditional silver amalgam fillings are not the only option available to treat dental cavities and restore tooth structure. Composite fillings are made from a mixture of plastic and fine glass particles, with the most widely used compound being resin-based. Although first introduced in the 1960s, these ‘white’ or ‘tooth-cultured’ fillings have been gaining popularity [...]

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