Advancements in modern orthodontics allow us to offer more options than ever to bring teeth, lips and jaw into proper alignment with minimum discomfort and a discreet appearance. By straightening teeth that are crooked or overlapping, correcting gaps, and realigning the jaw, orthodontic treatment enhances patients’ smiles and reduces the risk of a range of health problems. From traditional braces to removable appliances, there are options for every patient.

Our office offers a range of treatment options, including:

  • Metal (traditional) braces – a metal bracket affixed to each tooth, attached to an arch wire with tiny rubber bands (ligatures) or tiny wires. The orthodontist adjusts the arch wire every few weeks to gradually move teeth.
  • Ceramic brackets – tooth-colored and used with clear ligatures for a much more discreet look. The system is otherwise the same.
  • Self-Ligating braces – brackets that fasten to the arch wire without ligatures, offering a discreet look and generally requiring fewer adjustment appointments over the course of treatment.
  • Invisalign treatment – Not technically braces, but a series of custom-molded clear aligners that are virtually invisible when worn.

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