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Improving Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

A smile is often one of the first things people notice when meeting a new person. Cosmetic dentistry goes beyond restoring teeth to their proper function, focusing on aesthetics as well. This branch of dentistry is more popular than ever (and crosses over with several other dental disciplines), comprising a range of treatments to enhance [...]

5 Easy Dental Health Tips for Your Whole Family

Dental care is important for all members of your family, no matter their age. Here are five easy tips to help promote healthy oral care in your family. Brush and floss every day You and your family's oral health routine should involve brushing twice a day. Regular brushing helps prevent the build-up of plaque, a [...]

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The Benefits of Fluoride for Dental Health

A natural mineral found in rocks and soil, fluoride can be found in a variety of water sources including some brands of bottled water. The amount of fluoride found naturally can vary widely but is present in both salt and freshwater as well as soil and some foods. Volcanic activity and weathering processes release fluoride, [...]

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