Be warned! As you strive to spiffy up your dull and shady smile, you can end up shooting yourself right in the foot, err, mouth. In your quest to getting gleaming white teeth, avoid the following teeth-whitening sins.

Not talking to your dentist first

A trip to the dentist can be such a drag. It is boring and uncomfortable for most people. Nonetheless, if you have plans to whiten your teeth, visiting the dentist every six months is crucial. Primarily, your dentist will ensure you do not have any tooth decay. If your teeth have holes or are damaged in any way, your dentist repairs them first. This prevents the bleaching products from seeping into the crevices and hitting the nerves, which can cause excruciating pain and brutal damage to your teeth.

Fully relying on whitening mouth rinses

Sadly, most individuals are fond of putting all their trust on tooth-whitening mouthwashes. Family Dentist camore Alberta insists that this is a recipe for disaster. In addition to draining you of your hard-earned cash, mouth rinses are rich in alcohol content. This could be very harsh on, not only your teeth, but also other parts of your mouth. To be safe, you can opt for natural mouth rinses. They boast of being alcohol, fluoride, and sugar free. Natural tooth-whitening mouthwashes are soothing, mineral rich (helps heal oral infections, decrease bleeding and in coagulation), and less abrasive.

Leaving strips on your teeth too often, too long

Every box of white strips brings with it time limit instructions. Using strips longer than required can lead to increased teeth sensitivity. It can also cause development of unattractive splotching on the teeth. Ensure you keep your eyes glued to the clock anytime the strips are in. Limit your white strips usage to approximately two times a year. This will help your teeth remain white without causing you any adverse effects.

Using one-size-fits-all trays

Everyone desires to have Kelly Rowland’s megawatt grin. The truth is, everyone’s smile is different. This means that individuals should not be using similar size tray to whiten their teeth. Custom trays ensure you bleach specific points of your teeth-and not all other places. Going for non custom-sized options makes you susceptible to chemical burns on the gums. If you opt for the store-bought trays, refrain from overfilling them. Remember this golden rule, “More material is not necessarily better.”

In your quest for getting pearly white teeth, it is very easy to fall into awful bleaching habits.

This can do you more harm than good. Thanks to affordable home whitening products, you don’t have to use the bleaching agents. In addition to using natural teeth whitening products, it is important to avoid some mistakes.

Having pearly white teeth is a dream of many. However, as you give your teeth whitening campaign your all, avoid the above common blunders.