Making a mistake when selecting a cosmetic dentist can have regrettable and long lasting consequences. Poorly executed cosmetic dentistry can cause lifetime pain and health problems. Like a plague, avoid the following mistakes when looking for a cosmetic dentist.

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Avoid thinking that a general dentist is similar to a professional cosmetic dentist.

The fact that a dentist recently graduated from dental school, or graduated 60 years ago, does not make him, or her, a qualified cosmetic dentist. A dentist can boast of vast experience in an array of interests and endeavors in general dentistry but lack the expertise in cosmetic dentistry. Unlike general dentists, expert cosmetic dentists hone their skills through plenty of cosmetic dentistry education, training, and experience specifically tailored for this field. General dentists on the other hand, are focused on overall maintenance.

Avoid settling for someone without sufficient credentials in cosmetic dentistry.

To avoid being part of a botched case, never be quick to believe an individual is an accredited cosmetic dentist. An expert cosmetic dentist must prove that he or she has formal training in cosmetic dentistry and is accredited by relevant institutes or bodies. Avoid relying on a mere declaration.

Avoid settling for a cosmetic dentist because of deep discounts or cheap prices

Bargain shopping is awesome, but should not happen when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. High quality bridges, crowns, or porcelain veneers come at a cost. Cheap ones not only look fake, but also constantly need repair or replacement. Cheap or highly discounted cosmetic dental prices act as a red flag. Instead of looking for cheap prices, always insist on quality.

Ready, aim, fire: Avoid diving in without adequate information

Never be in a hurry. Most procedures in cosmetic dentistry are elective not emergencies. Take your time to learn about different cosmetic procedures, materials, techniques and dentists. If you are unsure about anything, arrange for a consultation meeting with an accredited cosmetic dentist and inquire about anything. Remember that the right professional always has a well thought out plan with an array of options.

Decision fatigue: Avoid too many choices, they lead to terrible decisions

When confronted with numerous choices, individuals suffer from “decision fatigue.” Extensive “doctor shopping” in cosmetic dentistry will have a negative effect on your final decision. Some research can be quite helpful, but too much of it leads to counter productivity. Too many choices leave you confused than helped.

Coping with dental problems everyday for the rest of your life because of poor decisions made in choosing a cosmetic dentist is the last thing you want. Use the above tips to avoid making regrettable mistakes when looking for a cosmetic dentist.