Most foods preferred by kids offer little or no benefit to their growing bodies. Are you a parent wondering what drinks or foods are beneficial or harmful to your child’s teeth? Well, read on to find out what your kid should not take.

Sugary Cereals

Talk of sticking like glue! This is exactly what happens when your young one consumes these tiny bits of sugar. Sugary cereals are also full of cavity-causing sugar. Early morning alternatives will do wonders. According to Family Dentist Cochrane Alberta, you should ensure that the ones you opt for are low in sugar. Morning cereals should also be high in complex carbohydrates.

Complex carbohydrates are those found in whole-meal grain bread, nuts, and grains. Simply put, settle for the less processed cereals. They are much healthier.

High Sugar Spreads and Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a staple for most kids. High sugar spreads and peanut butter sticks in your kids’ teeth. Consequently, they provide a constant source supply of energy for bacteria. Naturally rinsing these two is hard. Peanut butter also contains high sugar content. These soaring levels of sugar are highly dangerous to your little ones. This is especially true if your kid consumes the spreads for a prolonged period. Some of the best alternatives for peanut butter include pumpkin seed butter, macadamia nut butter and pecan butter.

Chewable Vitamins and Gummy Lollies

Chewable vitamin contains high levels of cavity causing sugar. Additionally, their chewable and gummy nature means that chances are rife that they can stick to your little ones’ teeth. For your child to be on the safe side, ensure that you choose non-acidic and sugar free alternatives. You can also compare ingredient lists contained in different brands before making a purchase. This will ensure your kids’ dental health remains at its best.

Flavored Milk, Soft Drink, and Sweetened Juice

Soft drinks such as soda are notorious for staining teeth. The last thing you want is your little one to have shady and discolored teeth. Avoid soft drinks at all cost. Most flavored drink products contain high sugar levels. The same applies to sweetened juice and soft drinks. The soaring sugar content promotes tooth decay. Ultimately, your young one starts complaining of dental pain. If it is necessary your kids consumes these drinks, ensure you limit flavored milks and sweetened fruit juices/cordials to meal times only. This reduces the negative impact of sugar.

Remember that the dental health of your young ones should not be taken for granted. When you settle for the best dentist, there is no doubt that the dental health of both you and your kid will be the best at all times. Avoid the above four categories of foods or drinks like a plague. By doing so, you will give your child your best oral hygiene.