Do you want your teeth to feel and look slick? Do you have a desire to have gleaming teeth?

Well, dental polishing is the way to go. Tooth polishing/coronal polishing refers to the process of smoothing the exposed tooth surface using a slow-speed dental tool. The following are the top six reasons you should polish your teeth regularly.

Prevents cavities

Plaque buildup causes tooth decay. Plaque eats away your tooth enamel. Left unattended, it can lead to tooth cavities. Regular tooth polishing gets rid of the whitish film on your teeth.

Stops tooth loss

Accumulation of plaque can cause gum diseases. In extreme cases, it causes tooth loss. Advancement of gum disease leads to destruction of the supporting bone in the jaw thus causing your teeth to loosen and ultimately fall out. You can reduce the chances of this happening through regular polishing coupled with excellent dental hygiene habits.

Freshens your breath

The last thing you want is your date to turn the opposite side when you dive in for a kiss! Polishing will help you prevent persistent unpleasant breath. Regular flossing and brushing is not enough. Tooth polishing is the best way to keep your mouth odor free and healthy.

Brightens your smile

Taking foods and drinks such as berries, red wine, tea or coffee can leave nasty and awful stains on your teeth. This can affect your confidence and self-esteem. Dental polishing removes built up stains. It leaves you with fresh and attractive polished teeth. The result? A brighter and whiter smile!

Boosts your overall health

There is a connection between your oral and overall health. Frequent dental polishing helps lower your risk to a number of diseases such as stroke and heart ailments. Some of these medical conditions are life threatening. During your regular tooth polishing visits, your dentist can help detect the early stages of a particular disease. This helps combat potential risks early.

Helps you save money

By protecting your oral health, you are able to save substantial amount of cash in the long term. Repeated polishing visits give your dentist the opportunity to detect any serious dental problem. This way, he can take the necessary steps to eradicate the issue thus saving you costly and extensive procedures in the future.

Polishing should be done approximately two to three times a year. This is according to recommendations by the highly experienced and skilled Cochrane dentist. By polishing your teeth two to three times every year, there is no doubt that you will achieve all the benefits mentioned above. What is more is that problems such as bleeding gums, receding, tooth loss and infections will be a thing of the past.